Friday, May 20, 2011

The Parliament that represents the government, and political parties and not to the people

It must be said and tell the people of Mozambique. What's needed is to explain that the Mozambican Parliament does not represent the people, because no member is at the parliament that was elected by the people and cares about the issues that can improve life conditions of the people. The Parliament was formed with a representation of a government of Frelimo and two ntities of opposition representing political parties Renamo and MDM, respectively. None of these elements reprents mozambican people power. It is recalled that even he, who is considered the Mozambican opposition leader Afonso Dhalakama had refused or prohibited its members Renamo party to take possession at the parliament, because he knew that this organ was not legitimate. Yet despite this the Renamo members were desperate because they took possession knowing very well that were not elected by the people but by the party and they could take their seats in the parliament only to defend their subjects to feed their pernal needs.That´s why Dhlakama was seen by them as a deceiver because they they assumed that he was gaining something as a national council member and also in his party and they would be without pay. For this reason they said no! So that was what motivated them to sit in those seats. I say all, all all of them, be members of Frelimo, Renamo MDM, I say that nobody is there to defend the people, or at least the truth.

It was the reason why Renamo members confronted the leader of their party and refused to obey his orders to not take seats in that assembly. And the MDMs came back begging on the Frelimo so tha eight of them could be considered members of parliament. Hmmm, they knew what they wanted. They knew very well that nothing could promote the well being of the Mozambican people would be approved at the parliament. So, they have taken this decision knowing that they would be satisfied with letting go of Frelimo which is the party that decides and who has elected itself majority. The main interest of the Mozambican parliament members is the employment and salary they receive and nothing else, not solving problems that affect millions of Mozambicans.

Does the Mozambican people believe and think that the parliement represents them? No! The people already know that in Mozambique there is no a legitimate parliament that in fact represents the people, and even the government. The reasons are well expressed here:
1 - No member of parliament is known by the people. No one, member of that parliament spoke before the people about what he intended to defend or do for the people. In the end no one is known by the people. Who is Macuacua? For example, what is it that he intends to do in parliament? What he thinks about how the government should work? What trust we have with the Macuacua to represent us? No parliamentary faced these questions. Am I lying? Of course not. So no one of MPS is a legitimate representative of the mozambican people.

So it´s necessary to inform people about the truth. The Renamo deputies, who walk around pressing Frelimo to adopt a law that makes it easier to fight corruption is all lies and is just "Poltic" because politics is a game. It´s a game for "Who" and "How much gets". Thus neither the Renamo or Frelimo are interested to adopt this law. Everything is just politics for they speak in parliament to deceive the people. They know very well that Frelimo would never accept a law that punishes thieves who steal people's money when they use the guise of being rulers. A law that takes away the rights of the government of stealing would be an end of their lives. Why? Because they belong and are all the same stuff. They know very well that they are there for a paycheck and taking away the rights of dry ones.

so none of those lawmakers representing the people, because people do not know them and do not know their physical characteristics, moral, much less their idiologias policies.
An MP representing the people is elected by the people. He is campaigning on the people telling what he wants to do in parliament. The people has confidence in him and elect such a representative, yet in, Mozambique is not so. It´s by the party's trust ou by Guebuza and Dhalakama Devizes that a person gets to be elected to the parliement.
Will these MPs represent the people? Although they want to speak on behalf of the people, then, ask the people whether they can speak in their name. How so? Here I will explain:

If Renamo or Frelimo wants to have members who really represent the people, allow them to compete among themselves for the same party in a certain constituency. Campaign and that there may be competition between two, three candidates within the same political party, Renamo, Frelimo and MDM in the same circle, which could speak and tell the people what they are and they want to do for them when they win.

Thus, the people would be watching the winner and would give their confidence. And if not fulfilled the promises made during the act of campaigning, the people would put him liable for the consequences. The people on their own could calculate and analyze who actually deserve their trust to represent them. It´s like that how it should be. This story of being The Dhalakama Guebuza or making list of parliamentarians is not fair. Let the people ou elect their representative directly. This is democracy and that would ultimately the people's voice heard. Cease to be liars. The Mozambican people already know that none of you represents the peasant or laborer at the end of Mozambique simple. You guys are members of a parliament for your own interest and not to advocate any interest of the people.


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